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Stripes are not just a pattern or a print. Lines are created in anything you wear. When you put a blazer on over a shirt you are creating a vertical line where your shirt is peeking out, without realizing it, you have made the viewers see you in a longer way, creating a slimming effect. trims and excess design on your garments can also trick your eye into thinking that you look bigger or smaller or taller or thinner. drawing your eye in is so important!

Cropped jackets and shirts do the same thing for the eye but create the opposite effect. When you “chop” your body horizontally it creates a less than flattering image and makes the wearer appear shorter and less slim. If you love to wear cropped garments you still can! Just be aware of what you pair it with. Wearing a shorter jacket over a long and slimming dress can be an easy way to dress down an otherwise fancy garment. 

my mom always says, “and why does it look good? it flows, it’s not chop, chop, chop!”

happy dressing!

xoxo, julie!

2 choppy and less than flattering Louis Vuitton looks (sorry, marc, i love you!)


2 slimming Alice + Olivia looks. 

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Hi, I'm Julie!

I am a super-fun, brooklyn-based fashion designer & stylist specializing in retro-focused, expressive clothing & lifestyle products for musicians, performers, & you!

Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find all of my favorite tips for looking good, feeling good, cooking well & living well!

xoxo, julie