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happy sunday style! market style!

here i am last weekend selling my goodies at artists and fleas brooklyn. im wearing a lot of homemade stuff because as a designer, the best form of advertising is a walking bilboard. 

on day one i wore my acid wash denim circle skirt, a black gap tee and my michaela print bandana, my favorite go-to outfit in the spring and summer.

on day two i wore my black circle skirt, army man necklace, michaela bandana, reversible ruffled apron and a raglan tee from american apparel. 

so fun & easy to wear, and look how cute i look 8; )!  

xoxo, julie! 

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Hi, I'm Julie!

I am a super-fun, brooklyn-based fashion designer & stylist specializing in retro-focused, expressive clothing & lifestyle products for musicians, performers, & you!

Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find all of my favorite tips for looking good, feeling good, cooking well & living well!

xoxo, julie