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happy tutorial tuesday!

i would say i get stopped about my glasses 2-3x a week. usually by a funky old lady who loves the shape and wants to know where i got them and if they’re prescription or not. i looked everywhere for glasses to fit my (big, funky) face and could never find the right pair. one day, while shopping with my friend adam, i saw these on a rack with a bunch of sunglasses at beacons closet and bought them for $10. i wore them around with contacts for about a week before i realized this is it, these are my soulmate glasses. i brought them to lenscrafters, along with my prescription  and in about 5 minutes, i had prescription cat eye glasses. lenses will run you about $100, but when you realize you have the option of any frame in the world, it’s totally worth it.

now, because they were so cheap, sometimes the plastic gets a little crappy on me and i have to toss them. but what about those $100 lenses?! well, before i toss the frames, i visit any cheap sunglass stand in downtown manhattan, buy a couple pair ($8-$10 each) and go back into lenscrafters to have them swapped! easy peasy! 

this week i’m getting prescription sunglasses made? in what frame, you ask? you’ll see! 

xoxo, julie!

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Hi, I'm Julie!

I am a super-fun, brooklyn-based fashion designer & stylist specializing in retro-focused, expressive clothing & lifestyle products for musicians, performers, & you!

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Here you will find all of my favorite tips for looking good, feeling good, cooking well & living well!

xoxo, julie