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hello! welcome to my apartment neverland! 

i have lived in my 4th floor walkup in brooklyn, ny for 4.5 years. i can’t believe it. i love it so, so much and cannot imagine the day that i move out. i have personalized it so intensely that when you walk into my home, you walk into my head.

 i also work here, and my office can be viewed here in Thursdays post.  my apartment is my favorite (and most expensive) thing in my life. it is full of natural light (hello, skylights +6 windows!) and warm, sparkly energy. this is my happy place. 

xoxo, julie

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Hi, I'm Julie!

I am a super-fun, brooklyn-based fashion designer & stylist specializing in retro-focused, expressive clothing & lifestyle products for musicians, performers, & you!

Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find all of my favorite tips for looking good, feeling good, cooking well & living well!

xoxo, julie